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by Starfish Thrower on March 1, 2008

I’m exited to be kicking off the starfishfound blog. This fall we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Center for Creative Learning and weekend emotional intensives like Taking It Lightly. Starting the Starfish Foundation (originally named Emotional Liberty Foundation) to make it possible for people to do their emotional healing work was one of the high points of the last quarter century!

Watching people’s lives transform when their hearts heal is so rewarding. The I Make a Difference project is another way to acknowledge the people in this world who take the time to do good, help others, and heal hearts. I invite you to join us, give away purple bracelets and return starfish to the sea of love.

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Gil Wilson May 31, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Sometimes when we step back from ourselves we can do something good for another. I am not a father, I have no kids and yet I have been adopted by one. This blog is the story of my fatherhood and his story of childhood.
I remember the first time we met but I don’t know at what point he adopted me or at what point I adopted him.
It was July of 09 and I was working every weekend on my house to complete a project that I knew would take over a year to complete. I had become disenchanted by my last experience of workers that I had hired so I had gone to Craig’s list to find some younger college students that might be interested in working weekends. Of the seven I sent emails to only two responded. One who couldn’t work past 4 because he had to go to drug rehab and Tad. (not his real name). If I had known then that he was only 15 I may not have hired him or even met him. But I did meet him and the friendship began. He could have passed as 18. He was big and muscular. He worked out almost daily and he was over six feet tall. He told me his story over time one little bit at a time. It is the story of incest, gang shootings, drugs, theft and relationships both good and bad, murder plots, thefts and arrest.
We met at a Wal-mart and he shook my hand and politely introduced himself. I briefly described the work that needed to be done. Some fencing, yard work, and landscaping. He had described himself as someone who could be taught once and he would learn. Which I found to be true and his description appealed to me because it was how I described myself at times. He was reliable and on time in the preceding weekends that we worked and he was a good worker who didn’t shy away from hard work.
I am not just getting older but I am slowing down and having the help was making my life easier and I didn’t have to deal with someone new each weekend who may or may not speak English.
In the following weekends he brought his friend who I also hired and through the summer I began to hear bits and pieces of his story.
Tad began with describing himself as emancipated or at least someone who wanted to be. He said he wanted nothing to do with his parents. His dad was in jail and his mom wasn’t a mom and didn’t know how to be a mom. He lived with the grandparents of his girlfriend and they took care of him. That was all he spoke of for awhile other then he had a twin sister and an older brother.


Larry Kilgore June 3, 2008 at 1:35 pm

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Starfish Thrower March 22, 2008 at 7:03 am

Haley, thanks for finding us and for the work you are doing in the world with helping to save the apes! Starfish are really cool and we are using them as a metaphor for people who are stranded/stuck in their lives because their emotions aren’t flowing (the sea). So we help them to get their emotions flowing and their hearts open.

Work with animals is very important as well. They are our co-inhabitants in this world and we need to love and respect them, just as we need to love and respect our fellow humans. The animals cannot always take care of themselves because we change their environment. Please keep caring about the apes, know that your actions do make a difference!

Blessings to you and Kids Save Apes.


Haley@KidsSaveApes March 22, 2008 at 5:53 am

Starfish are awesome! I am a kid who loves all animals. check out my website. http://www.freewebs.com/kidssaveapes


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